Wedding Venues for the Florida Bride: The Romantic Grove Goddess 

Enchanting and Natural – Discover Romantic Wedding Venues for a Serene Rustic Wedding 

Central Florida, renowned for its serene landscapes and enchanting natural beauty, presents a delightful array of venues perfectly suited for our Romantic Grove Goddess brides who love a romantic wedding theme. Envision exchanging vows amid the soothing tranquility of nature, where every corner whispers tales of timeless romance and each venue offers a backdrop of rustic elegance. From blooming gardens to secluded groves, you’ll forget you’re in Orlando.  We’ve carefully selected the most picturesque venues that capture the spirit of an idyllic, nature-infused wedding celebration. Here are our top picks, in no particular order, for venues that will make your heart skip a beat and ensure your wedding is as enchanting as your love story. 

Casani Estates 

Casani Estates offers a breathtaking lakeside oasis set against a backdrop of over 100 acres of Florida pine forests, providing a serene and naturally romantic setting perfect for a Romantic Grove Goddess. With multiple lakefront ceremony sites and a spacious Garden Pavilion accommodating up to 250 guests, the estate combines the rustic charm of the forest with the elegance of a waterfront view. Additional spaces like the Great Lawn and Micro-Pavilion cater to both larger parties and more intimate gatherings, such as small weddings or elopements. Overnight accommodations in onsite cabins enhance the experience, allowing for a tranquil retreat right after the festivities. 

  • Location: Groveland (Lake County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: Multiple ceremony sites tucked among majestic oaks and towering pines offer a truly enchanting, nature-filled setting, perfect for those dreaming of a rustic yet elegant wedding. 
  • Why We Love It: The versatility of the venue, combined with its stunning natural surroundings and comprehensive facilities makes it a perfect fit for creating unforgettable, heartfelt wedding experiences. 

Honey Acres Ranch 

Honey Acres Ranch, nestled in the picturesque landscape of DeLand, Florida, embodies the essence of a Romantic Grove Goddess wedding with its charming blend of rustic appeal and modern amenities. The ranch features a breathtaking oak tree under which couples can exchange vows, creating a magical and intimate atmosphere. The reception space, combining rustic charm with contemporary design, overlooks scenic views that captivate and enchant. Additionally, the venue’s dedication to creating a welcoming, serene environment makes it perfect for not only weddings but also other significant celebrations. 

  • Location: DeLand (Volusia County, Central Florida)  
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: The iconic oak tree and rustic yet modern reception area provide a naturally beautiful setting that resonates with those who adore a romantic, countryside ambiance. 
  • Why We Love It: The thoughtful layout, from the positioning of buildings to the careful landscaping, fosters a peaceful escape that enhances any celebration, making every event feel personal and lovingly curated. 

Pegasus Manor 

Pegasus Manor offers an exquisite blend of sophistication and rustic charm, making it a prime choice for the Romantic Grove Goddess looking to marry near Orlando. This venue’s majestic live oaks provide a breathtaking backdrop, casting dappled light over ceremonies and imbuing each moment with an enchanting ambiance. The versatility of Pegasus Manor, with its options for both intimate and grand celebrations, ensures every wedding is uniquely tailored to the couple’s desires, complemented by personalized service that focuses on seamless execution. 

  • Location: Eustis (Lake County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: The ancient live oaks and versatile spaces allow for a customizable experience that perfectly matches the rustic elegance they desire. 
  • Why We Love It: The combination of country charm with convenient access to nearby areas, such as the quaint charm of Mount Dora and the vibrant attractions of Greater Orlando, makes Pegasus Manor not just a venue but a comprehensive experience. 

The Wedding Barn Oviedo 

The Wedding Barn Oviedo presents a charming and idyllic setting for a Romantic Grove Goddess to host her wedding. Located just outside Orlando, this family-operated venue boasts a majestic oak tree for picturesque ceremonies and a grand staircase for unforgettable entrances. Fully air-conditioned and beautifully appointed with soaring ceilings and magnificent chandeliers, the barn combines modern amenities with rustic elegance, ensuring comfort and style. The inclusive environment and dedicated service promise a tailored and memorable wedding experience for each couple. 

  • Location: Oviedo (Seminole County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: The outdoor ceremony site and grand barn are impossibly gorgeous, offering a magical and rustic setting perfectly suited to a fairytale day. 
  • Why We Love It: The sparkling chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and grand staircase set a dramatic and romantic backdrop, ensuring memories that are as beautiful as they are lasting. 

Legacy at Oak Meadows 

Legacy at Oak Meadows presents a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and rustic charm, making it a superb choice for your Romantic Grove Goddess wedding. Situated within a landscape that exudes serenity and classic beauty, this venue offers a variety of customizable spaces for both ceremony and reception. Whether you dream of an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the modern barn aesthetic paired with rustic elements provides a versatile and exquisite setting.  

  • Location: Pierson (Volusia County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: The fusion of modern elegance with rustic details offers a versatile backdrop perfect for romantic, nature-infused ceremonies. 
  • Why We Love It: We are captivated by the venue’s breathtaking grounds, featuring a picturesque lake, towering trees, lush meadows, and tranquil surroundings, all creating a private and serene atmosphere that enhances the beauty of every event. 

The Barn at Southern Oaks 

The Barn at Southern Oaks is a charming countryside wedding venue found in Umatilla, Florida. Immersed in an atmosphere of tranquility, the property is surrounded by a sprawling natural landscape. Initially a private gathering spot, it has now transformed into a captivating event destination that invites couples to tie the knot amid its beautiful spaces. The barn, boasting 4,080 square feet of flexible event space and filled with natural light, offers a blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort. 

  • Location: Umatilla (Lake County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Romantic Grove Goddesses Love It: The serene, natural landscape and the beautifully appointed barn create an idyllic, rustic setting perfect for a romantic and intimate wedding celebration. 
  • Why We Love It: The combination of its tranquil countryside charm and modern amenities, along with the dedicated service and customizable wedding packages, makes The Barn at Southern Oaks an excellent choice for a seamless and memorable wedding experience. 


Each of these stunning venues offers its own unique charm and is well-suited to fulfill the enchanted dreams of the Romantic Grove Goddess.  From the tranquil forest setting of Casani Estates to the stunning vistas of Pegasus Manor, Central Florida’s landscape provides the perfect canvas to bring your vision of a romantic themed wedding to life.  

While each venue has its distinct personality, the truth is that any bride could find herself swept away by the enchantment of these Orlando and Central Florida locations. Whether it’s the rustic charm of Honey Acres Ranch, the luxurious details of the Oviedo Wedding Barn, the pristine beauty of Legacy at Oak Meadows or the serene enchantment of the Barn at Southern Oaks, there’s a perfect backdrop for every Florida bride. 

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