Quiz for the Florida Bride

What Is Your Wedding Style: Tropical Paradise Princess, Romantic Grove Goddess, or Citrus City Siren? Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Are you dreaming of a fairy tale wedding with opulent touches, a romantic celebration amidst nature’s beauty, or an edgy, modern affair in the heart of the city?… Read more »

Where It Is Now

Central Florida’s Tastiest Revolution: Elevating Cookie Catering for Every Love Story Central Florida, with its sunny skies and enchanting landscapes, has long been a hotspot for weddings. As cookie caterers, we’ve embarked on a sweet journey to bring our expertise and delectable delights to this vibrant region, adding a sprinkle of sweetness to Central Florida’s… Read more »

Where It Started

Serving Sweet Dreams: Cookie Catering for NY Weddings in Three Unique Styles In the world of wedding dessert tables, every couple has a unique vision for their special day, and it’s our job as cookie caterers to sweeten up their dreams. Before we relocated to Orlando and began serving the Central Florida wedding scene, we… Read more »

The Perfect Way to Say ‘I Do’

Why Orlando and Central Florida Weddings Shine with Dessert Tables Starring Artisan Gourmet Cookies Introduction Orlando and Central Florida, with its year-round sunshine and picturesque landscapes, have long been favorite destinations for weddings. Couples seeking a magical backdrop for their special day find this region enchanting. Yet, in a place known for its enchantment, there’s… Read more »

Sweet Beginnings

Our Top Ten Reasons Why Cookies Deserve a Special Place at Weddings Cookies can be a wonderful addition to weddings for a variety of reasons. While wedding cakes have traditionally been the centerpiece for dessert at weddings, cookies offer a delightful alternative or complement to the main cake. Here are our top ten reasons why… Read more »