Modern Wedding Venues for the Florida Bride: The Citrus City Siren

Extraordinary and Unique – Discover Venues for a Trend-Setting Modern Wedding

When you think about Central Florida wedding venues, the first things that come to mind may be its scenic beauty or tranquil landscapes. But there’s more – the area also thrives with vibrant, modern and unique spaces perfect for a Citrus City Siren. If your dream wedding is a canvas of contemporary style, bold expressions and just a break from the ordinary, these venues are your ideal match. From Orlando’s enchantment to Daytona’s shore, Central Florida wedding venues also reflect a unique blend of trendsetting spirit and chic design, offering the perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind celebration that stands out from the traditional.  Here are five of our favorites modern wedding venues, in no particular order, promising to make your special day uniquely unforgettable. 

Historic Venue 1902 

Nestled in the heart of Sanford’s Historic District, just a stone’s throw from Orlando, Historic Venue 1902 at Preservation Hall perfectly marries historic charm with modern elegance. This award-winning, meticulously restored historic schoolhouse transforms into a stunning wedding venue, tailored to fit any theme from romantic to boho, elegant to vintage. With over 10,000 square feet of versatile event space, this venue provides a beautiful canvas for your personal style and vision. 

  • Location: Sanford (Seminole County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Citrus City Sirens Love It: The venue’s vibrant blend of vintage architecture and contemporary facilities perfectly suits the modern bride looking for a distinctive, stylish setting. 
  • Why We Love It: Venue 1902 impresses with its original architectural features and modern amenities, including indoor and outdoor garden ceremony sites, a spacious ballroom, and unique spaces like the Lounge and Library, each offering the perfect mix of history and modernity for an unforgettable event. 

D’Space Orlando 

D’Space Orlando redefines the urban wedding with its cutting-edge, industrial design and versatile event spaces. This modern-industrial venue offers a striking contrast of black and white blank canvases, allowing you to craft a wedding that truly reflects your unique style. With a large open room and a second-floor mezzanine, the space can be customized to fit any scale of celebration, from intimate gatherings to large, lively events. 

  • Location: Orlando (Orange County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Citrus City Sirens Love It: The venue’s sleek, modern lines and adaptable spaces are ideal for the bride who wants her wedding to make a bold, contemporary statement. 
  • Why We Love It: We admire D’Space Orlando for its ability to transform for each event, offering a true blank canvas that encourages creativity and individual expression, complemented by its versatile layout and chic urban vibe. 

New York Beer Project 

While the New York Beer Project also boasts the stunning New Yorker Ballroom and the Barn on the Hudson, it’s the Botanical Garden Room that truly captures the essence of the Citrus City Siren. Located in the same building as its vibrant brewery and pub, this unique setting combines the enchantment of a garden party with hip urban flair. Ideal for those who love the idea of a botanical setting but prefer an indoor location, this space features bistro lights, antique fountains, and a 15-foot celebration maple tree, surrounded by a breathtaking 40-foot candle wall. The room’s balcony provides a view of the Walt Disney World nightly fireworks, adding a magical touch to any event. 

  • Location: Winter Garden (Orange County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Citrus City Sirens Love It: This room’s botanical theme paired with the urban setting makes it a standout choice for nontraditional brides looking for a modern venue with a romantic twist, and the nightly fireworks view is perfect for ending the evening with a bang. 
  • Why We Love It: We’re captivated by how the Botanical Garden Room merges nature-inspired elements with the excitement of an urban setting, creating a space that’s both whimsical and sophisticated. This unique blend makes it perfect for those looking for something truly special and different. 

Trellis 925 

Trellis 925 introduces the Urban Loft, a unique and adaptable venue that embodies the chic spirit of a New York loft right in the heart of Orlando. Located in the vibrant Doctor Phillips area, the Urban Loft is minutes away from Orlando’s famous attractions and offers a distinctly metropolitan vibe with its vintage windows, exposed brick walls, and twinkling market lights. The venue’s romantic trellis and elegant white velvet curtains provide a stunning setting for ceremonies, while the diverse backdrops ensure gorgeous photos. Trellis 925 transitions seamlessly from a heartfelt ceremony to a lively cocktail hour and a transformed dinner setting, offering the perfect urban canvas for a memorable wedding day. 

  • Location: Orlando (Orange County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Citrus City Sirens Love It: Its central location, coupled with an edgy New York loft style, offers a dynamic backdrop for brides seeking a venue with urban elegance and versatile design options. 
  • Why We Love It: We adore Trellis 925 for its ability to blend the raw appeal of a chic industrial space with lush, romantic accents like its trellis and market lights.  

Museum of Arts & Sciences 

Positioned in the heart of Daytona, the Museum of Arts & Sciences offers an immersive wedding experience where art, culture, and romance beautifully converge. This unique venue caters to both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, adapting seamlessly to everything from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. With access to the Planetarium for a starry backdrop and the Main Hall showcasing the world’s largest collection of Florida art, your wedding will be set amongst awe-inspiring cultural treasures. The dedicated team at the museum ensures every detail is handled meticulously, promising a day both unforgettable and picturesque. 

  • Location: Daytona (Volusia County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Citrus City Sirens Love It: The venue’s integration of art and science offers a sophisticated and intellectually stimulating environment that resonates with couples looking for a blend of tradition and modernity in their wedding celebrations. 
  • Why We Love It: We are captivated by the museum’s ability to offer a wedding experience surrounded by art and cultural artifacts, providing not just a venue but a conversation starter for guests. And the grand staircase in the Main Hall is beyond showstopping!  


As we’ve explored the vibrant, unique and eclectic wedding venues of Orlando and Central Florida tailored for the Citrus City Siren, each one offers a unique canvas for couples seeking a modern wedding with trendy flair and bold character.   Whether you’re envisioning an industrial chic gathering at D’Space Orlando or Trellis 925, a glamorous and modern celebration at NYBP Botanical Garden Room or Historic Venue 1902, or a sophisticated affair with art and culture at its heart at the Museum of Arts & Sciences, these venues are poised to turn your dream wedding into reality. 

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