A Modern Wedding Style Guide for the Central Florida Bride 

13 Hallmarks of the Citrus City Siren 

Step into the vibrant, trend-forward universe of the Citrus City Siren, a blend of modern chic, urban sophistication, and a touch of the nontraditional. This guide is designed for the bride who thrives in the heart of the city and dreams of a wedding that mirrors the contemporary pulse of Centrals Florida’s urban landscapes. From innovative venues to the cutting edge of culinary arts, every element is a testament to the modern, hip, and uniquely unconventional. 

1 – Venue 

Imagine your day in the heart of the city, at a sleek rooftop garden overlooking sparkling cityscapes, an industrial-chic loft space, or an art gallery brimming with contemporary works. These spaces not only provide a modern backdrop but also embody the urban elegance and vibrant energy that define the Citrus City Siren, perfect for modern wedding themes. (Check out our blog post on Modern Wedding Venues for the Citrus City Siren). 

2 – Bridal Attire 

Ditch the traditional for a bridal look that’s as edgy and contemporary as you are. Opt for minimalist gowns with architectural details, jumpsuits with sleek silhouettes, or even a high-fashion, non-white ensemble that challenges norms. Accessorize with bold statement pieces and a pair of designer heels or chic boots that stamp your personality on every step. 

3 – Groom Attire 

The groom’s attire mirrors the modern vibe, with tailored suits in unconventional colors or patterns, accessorized with designer sneakers or leather loafers. The look is polished yet distinctly urban, reflecting a blend of sophistication and trend-setting style. 

4 – Floral Elegance 

Rethink floral arrangements with geometric terrariums, succulents, and monochromatic bouquets that echo the sleek, modern aesthetic. Incorporate unexpected elements like metallics or neon accents to infuse your decor with a dose of contemporary flair, enhancing the modern wedding theme. 

5 – Transportation and Arrival Experience 

Arrive in style that speaks to the urban beat – think a luxury sports car, a vintage motorcycle, or even a chic Vespa for a playful, modern twist. Your arrival sets the tone for a wedding that’s anything but ordinary. 

6 – Décor 

Create an ambiance that dazzles with modern elegance, utilizing a palette of bold contrasts, metallic finishes, and sleek furnishings. Interactive installations, avant-garde art pieces, or digital projections add a dynamic, contemporary layer to your celebration. 

7 – Musical Ambiance 

Curate a playlist that’s as fresh and dynamic as your setting. Consider a DJ spinning the latest tracks, an electric violinist, or even a performance by a local indie band. Music that’s a bit off the mainstream path underscores the hip, modern vibe of your wedding. 

8 – Photography 

Capture the essence of your day with a photographer who specializes in editorial-style shots, highlighting the urban landscape and your moments against the backdrop of the city’s energy. Think candid, black-and-white images or shots with artistic, unconventional angles, perfect for modern wedding themes. 

9 – Signature Cocktails and Refreshments 

Invent a bar menu that’s as trendy and unique as your venue. Offer craft cocktails with local citrus infusions, artisanal beers, and boutique wines. Non-alcoholic options could include gourmet coffee bars or bespoke soda creations, ensuring every sip is a statement. 

10 – Culinary Experience 

Bid traditional sit-down dinners farewell and embrace the culinary innovation of food trucks, tapas-style dining, or a tasting menu featuring fusion cuisine. Food that’s as creative and diverse as the urban environment ensures your culinary experience is a highlight. 

11 – Dessert Table 

Transform the dessert landscape with a collection of culinary curiosities and beloved classics, reimagined with a playful twist. Indulge in artisan cookies with bold, unexpected flavors alongside whimsical truffle cake pops and marshmallow wands, each bite a perfect blend of fun and sophistication. Add a dash of nostalgia with gourmet twists on crispy rice treats and whoopie pies. Delight guests with a savory surprise: an array of gourmet popcorn in flavors like everything bagel and buttermilk ranch. This dessert assortment promises a delightful journey of taste and nostalgia, with a dash of the unexpected. 

12 – Wedding Cake 

Embrace a wedding cake that stands as a masterpiece of modern art, captivating with its geometric patterns, vibrant color blocks, and innovative abstract motifs. Its flavors are equally bold, blending the zesty allure of citrus with unexpected companions like bittersweet chocolate to create a memorable taste experience. 

13 – Honeymoon 

Continue the adventure with a honeymoon that’s as nontraditional as your wedding. Think urban explorations in mega-cities, luxury glamping in untouched landscapes, or a road trip filled with discovery and spontaneity. 


The Citrus City Siren theme promises a wedding day that breaks molds, marrying the pulse of modern urban life with the personal style of the bride and groom. It’s a celebration not just of love, but of the vibrant, dynamic spirit that defines your relationship. In the heart of Florida’s cities, amidst the buzz and lights, your wedding becomes a moment of trend-setting joy, an unforgettable start to your lives together. 

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