Quiz for the Florida Bride

What Is Your Wedding Style: Tropical Paradise Princess, Romantic Grove Goddess, or Citrus City Siren?

Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Are you dreaming of a fairy tale wedding with opulent touches, a romantic celebration amidst nature’s beauty, or an edgy, modern affair in the heart of the city? Take this quiz to discover your ideal wedding style.

  1. What type of ceremony setting appeals to you the most?
    a. At the altar of an ornate cathedral or the grand balcony of an oceanfront estate.
    b. Under the canopy of an enormous oak tree or beside a tranquil lake at sunset.
    c. On a rooftop terrace with a moonlit urban skyline or a modern art gallery surrounded by inspiring works.
  2. What type of reception location speaks to your heart?
    a. An opulent ballroom in a luxurious hotel or a historic mansion with lakeside views.
    b. A charming barn with a wood beam ceiling or a lush vineyard in a picturesque countryside.
    c. A trendy loft with floor to ceiling windows or a repurposed warehouse in the heart of the city.
  3. Choose your dream wedding colors:
    a. Timeless shades of ivory, gold and silver with complements of sapphire, emerald, amethyst or ruby.
    b. Gentle, muted pastels of sage green, pale blush, terra cotta, soft peach or cornflower blue.
    c. Bold and vibrant hues like teal and fuchsia with black and metallic accents.
  4. Which wedding invitation style appeals to you the most?
    a. Classic and formal with intricate calligraphy and gold-leaf accents.
    b. Rustic and whimsical with watercolor illustrations and natural motifs.
    c. Modern and sleek with bold typography and minimalist design.
  5. What kind of wedding gown do you envision yourself wearing?
    a. A classic, elegant ballgown with intricate lace or jeweled accents and a long train.
    b. A flowy, ethereal dress with botanical embellishments and an open back.
    c. A non-traditional sleek jumpsuit or unique fashion-forward separates.
  6. Choose your ideal wedding footwear:
    a. Sparkling stilettos or elegant heels with intricate details.
    b. Bohemian sandals or floral-adorned wedges.
    c. Edgy ankle boots or designer sneakers with a pop of color.
  7. How do you imagine your wedding hair and makeup?
    a. Elegant and classic, with a sleek updo and sophisticated makeup highlighting your natural beauty.
    b. Soft and romantic, with loose waves accented with floral touches and a fresh, glowing makeup.
    c. Bold and chic, with a statement hairstyle and makeup that could be in a fashion editorial spread.
  8. Choose your preferred wedding day fragrance:
    a. A timeless floral bouquet with notes of rose and jasmine.
    b. A fresh, natural scent with hints of lavender and sandalwood.
    c. A bold, contemporary perfume with undertones of musk and amber.
  9. What kind of wedding ring best suits your style?
    a. A iconic solitaire diamond or a band with intricate vintage designs.
    b. A delicate, handcrafted ring with ethically sourced stones.
    c. A modern, custom-designed piece that uniquely represents your relationship.
  10. How do you imagine your bridal bouquet?
    a. A cascading bouquet with classic blooms and greenery.
    b. A whimsical, asymmetrical bouquet with unique textures.
    c. A structured bouquet with bold colors.
  11. What’s your vision for your wedding party attire?
    a. Sophisticated, elegant gowns and classic tuxedos in black-tie style.
    b. Boho-chic dresses and relaxed suits with a touch of rustic charm.
    c. Trendsetting and eclectic outfits that reflect each member’s unique style.
  12. Which of these best describes your ideal wedding decor?
    a. Crystal chandeliers, lush floral arrangements and elegant, gold-rimmed table settings.
    b. Burlap table runners, mismatched antique wine glasses and baskets of wildflowers.
    c. Exposed brick walls, industrial vases with monochromatic blooms and sleek, geometric dinnerware.
  13. How do you want to make your grand entrance at the reception?
    a. With the pomp of royalty, a formal announcement followed by a first waltz to a classical tune, under the arches of a grandiose hall.
    b. Through a pathway lined with natural branches entwined with twinkling lights while an acoustic melody floats through the air.
    c. In a creative, unexpected way, perhaps with a choreographed dance or arriving on a vintage motorcycle.
  14. How do you envision your wedding lighting?
    a. Soft, romantic candlelight and crystal chandeliers.
    b. String lights and lanterns scattered throughout an outdoor setting.
    c. Neon signs with your initials and LED lights for a party vibe.
  15. Which transportation option resonates with your wedding vision?
    a. Classic limousine or antique car.
    b. Horse-drawn carriage or rustic trolley.
    c. Luxury sports car or vintage yellow taxi.
  16. Choose your ideal floral centerpieces:
    a. Luxurious roses, peonies and orchids in silver or gold opulent vessels.
    b. Wild, unstructured arrangements with a mix of local flora in rustic wooden boxes.
    c. Modern succulents and exotic blooms in striking colors in geometric glass terrariums.
  17. When it comes to your wedding menu, you prefer:
    a. A gourmet, multi-course dinner featuring lavish ingredients and fanciful presentations.
    b. Farm-to-table, hearty and homestyle cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients.
    c. Trendy food trucks and innovative small plates highlighting global flavors.
  18. What’s your dream wedding cake flavor?
    a. Classic vanilla or rich chocolate with a twist of raspberry or caramel filling.
    b. Lavender honey or lemon elderflower with fresh fruit compote.
    c. Salted caramel mocha or matcha green tea with dark chocolate ganache.
  19. How do you envision your wedding dessert table?
    a. An exquisite display of sophistication with a selection of French sablés, pillowy madeleines, rich truffle cake bites, elegant tartlets and feather-light meringues.
    b. A heartwarming, rustic dessert table brimming with artisan cookies, decadent brownies, fruit-filled mini pies, buttercream bundtlets and a variety of treats for the chocolate lover.
    c. A fun and whimsical spread featuring marshmallow wands, chocolate-covered pretzels, nostalgic krispie-rice treats and bowls of savory popcorn.
  20. What is your vision for wedding entertainment?
    a. A classical string quartet or a live jazz band.
    b. An acoustic guitarist or a folk band for a rustic ambiance.
    c. A DJ spinning the latest hits or a cutting-edge indie music artist.
  21. What type of wedding photos are you most excited about?
    a. Timeless and romantic shots that capture your love story.
    b. Candid moments in natural settings, surrounded by beautiful scenery.
    c. Trendy, fashion-inspired photos showcasing your unique style.
  22. What unique element would you love to incorporate into your wedding that sets it apart from any other?
    a. A live painting artist capturing the ceremony and reception, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
    b. A whimsical lantern release or balloon send-off, where each guest writes a special wish for the couple.
    c. An interactive guest book experience where attendees contribute to a digital or live mural through touch screens or hands-on art supplies.
  23. What type of day-after activity would you prefer?
    a. A formal brunch in a sunlit conservatory or five-star hotel.
    b. A picnic in a scenic park or by a tranquil lake.
    c. A guided city tour exploring the art and culture scene and local food.
  24. Where is your ideal honeymoon destination?
    a. Paris, France
    b. Santorini, Greece
    c. Tokyo, Japan
  25. What do you want your guests to remember most about your wedding?
    a. The sheer opulence and fairy tale magic of the entire affair.
    b. The serene embrace of nature and the heartfelt, enchanted aura that was in the air.
    c. The undeniably unique experience that could never be duplicated.

Quiz Results

Ready to learn what your ideal wedding style is and start planning the celebration that speaks to your heart?  Read on to discover how your perfect wedding will reflect your unique personality and cherished dreams, and leave lasting impressions joyful impressions with all your guests!

Mostly A’s – You are a “Tropical Paradise Princess”!

Your inclination towards timeless elegance and luxurious details reflects a desire for a wedding that exudes class, opulence and regal charm. Your celebration will undoubtedly be a grand affair, filled with sophisticated touches and graceful beauty. From the stunning ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers to the meticulously planned details like gold-trimmed accents and lush floral arrangements, every element will exude a sense of refined splendor. Your wedding will feel as if they’ve been transported to a tropical paradise, with opulent décor, impeccable service, and an atmosphere of pure sophistication, leaving everyone in awe of the sheer elegance and magnificence.

Mostly B’s: You are a “Romantic Grove Goddess”!

Your appreciation for nature’s wonder and a rustic yet beautiful atmosphere suggests a wedding immersed in the tranquility of the countryside. With a focus on natural charm and heartfelt moments, your celebration will evoke a sense of enchantment and serenity. Picture-perfect moments will unfold amidst serene gardens, with soft pastel hues complementing the natural landscape. The ambiance will be one of organic elegance, where guests feel the warmth of your love amidst blossoming flowers and gentle breezes. It’s a celebration that speaks to the soul, where love and nature intertwine to create an idyllic, unforgettable wedding experience.

Mostly C’s: You are a “Citrus City Siren”!

Your affinity for modernity and trendsetting styles foretells an urban celebration that defies tradition. Your wedding will be a bold, cutting-edge event, filled with contemporary flair and a chic, edgy vibe that resonates with your unique personality. The cityscape will serve as the backdrop for your avant-garde affair, with sleek, minimalist designs and vibrant colors reflecting your modern taste. Guests will be immersed in an atmosphere of distinction and innovation, where every detail, from the modern art installations to the industrial-chic venue, speaks volumes about your visionary style. It’s a celebration that redefines the boundaries of tradition, leaving an indelible mark on everyone’s memory.


No matter which style resonates with you – or if it’s a combination of all three! – your wedding day is a canvas for your dreams to come alive. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance loved by the Tropical Paradise Princess, the rustic charm embraced by the Romantic Grove Goddess, or the edgy-urban modernity treasured by the Citrus City Siren, your unique vision will create an unforgettable celebration that reflects your love story and personality. Embrace your chosen style or blend elements from different worlds – after all, it’s your special day, and it should be a true reflection of your love and individuality. So, envision, create, and make it a day that speaks to your heart and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who shares in your joyous union. Cheers to your journey ahead as you embark on creating the wedding of your dreams!

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