Perfect Venues for the Florida Bride: The Tropical Paradise Princess

Luxurious and Lush – Discover Venues for a Regal Fairy Tale Wedding

In the heart of Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida region, where sunshine and palm trees grace the landscape, lie hidden gems perfect for a Tropical Paradise Princess wedding. If you envision a day filled with grandeur and classic elegance, these venues promise to turn your royal dreams into reality. Each location has been carefully chosen for its ability to merge luxury with natural beauty, ensuring your wedding feels like a sophisticated and lush tropical retreat. Discover the ultimate settings for your grand celebration with our curated selection of venues, each offering a unique blend of opulence and that special touch of paradise. Here are five of our favorites in no particular order: 

Paradise Cove 

Paradise Cove is the quintessential venue for the bride who dreams of a Tropical Paradise Princess wedding. Nestled in the heart of Orlando, this venue brings the allure of an exotic island getaway to Central Florida. From the moment you step onto the lush, beautifully landscaped property, you’ll be enveloped by its natural beauty and tropical charm. The venue sparkles under the glow of twinkling lights and tiki torches, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. A palm-thatched cabana and a pristine sandy beach offer the perfect setting for an elegant beachside ceremony. For a truly spectacular entrance or exit, consider arriving or departing by a stylish speedboat – an unforgettable experience under the moonlit sky. 

  • Location: Orlando (Orange County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Tropical Paradise Princesses Love It: The venue’s authentic island ambiance, complete with a sandy beach and waterfront views, makes it an idyllic setting for a grand and luxurious tropical wedding, ensuring every detail reflects the elegance and splendor befitting a princess. 
  • Why We Love It: Paradise Cove combines natural tropical beauty with unique elements like a beachside cabana and the option for a dramatic speedboat entrance, making it an unparalleled choice for a lavish and memorable wedding. 

Margaritaville Resort Orlando 

Margaritaville Resort Orlando offers a seamless blend of laid-back tropical luxury and all-inclusive convenience, making it an ideal spot for a Tropical Paradise Princess to begin her forever. Dubbed as your own slice of paradise where no passport is required, this venue excels in delivering a comprehensive wedding experience. From engagement celebrations to the post-wedding brunch, Margaritaville ensures every aspect of your big day is infused with tropical charm. The resort features stunning lagoon-style pools with sandy beach entries, a tropical pool bar, and exclusive onsite shopping and dining options, offering a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere for both you and your guests. 

  • Location: Kissimmee, Florida (Osceola County – Central Florida) 
  • Why Tropical Paradise Princesses Love It: The resort’s comprehensive amenities and vibrant tropical setting create the perfect backdrop for a grand, island-inspired wedding without leaving the mainland. 
  • Why We Love It: We adore how Margaritaville Resort Orlando combines luxury with fun, allowing couples and their guests to indulge in a unique wedding experience that’s both posh and relaxing. 

Tavares Pavilion on the Lake 

Tavares Pavilion on the Lake in downtown Wooten Park is a breathtaking venue that seems to float over the tranquil waters of the lake, accessible by a charming, lamp-lit pier. The Pavilion exudes an island retreat ambiance, perfect for a Tropical Paradise Princess looking to blend luxury with a touch of exotic allure. This 8,000-square-foot facility is adorned with antique carved sideboards, wicker and rattan furniture, and mahogany-finish chivari chairs, creating a sophisticated yet accessible tropical setting. The grand, two-tier winding wooden staircase serves as a dramatic backdrop for any bride’s entrance or photo session. 

  • Location: Tavares (Lake County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Tropical Paradise Princesses Love It: The Pavilion’s luxurious island vibe, coupled with the stunning lake views and exotic décor, provides an elegant yet intimate setting for a wedding. The nearby option for a dramatic seaplane departure adds an unforgettable touch to the event. 
  • Why We Love It: We appreciate the seamless combination of elegance and natural beauty at the Tavares Pavilion. The venue’s unique over-the-water location and lush tropical plant arrangements make it an idyllic spot for a memorable wedding day. 

Villa Festa 

Villa Festa offers a vibrant and unique take on wedding venues, blending historic charm with modern amenities and an exclusive, boutique atmosphere. This venue, conveniently located between Orlando and New Smyrna Beach, is not just a place; it’s an experience, offering a full weekend of celebration with accommodations and event spaces spread across a one-acre property. The interior feels like a hip Williamsburg brownstone, set in the heart of Florida. With indoor and outdoor spaces, including a covered pavilion for dining and dancing and a cozy fire pit for late-night gatherings, Villa Festa ensures every moment of your wedding weekend is memorable and intimate. 

  • Location: DeLand (Volusia County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Tropical Paradise Princesses Love It: The venue’s blend of historic elegance with a modern twist provides a unique, sophisticated setting that captivates with its lush surroundings and exclusive use, perfect for a grand, yet intimate tropical wedding. 
  • Why We Love It: We’re enchanted by Villa Festa’s approach to making a wedding feel like a vibrant, extended celebration rather than just a one-day event. The availability of onsite lodging and multiple venues within the property allows for a seamless transition from ceremony to reception and beyond, all within a stylish and exclusive setting. 

Luxmore Grande Estate 

Luxmore Grande Estate combines the grandeur of a southern mansion with the personalized feel of an elegant house party, creating the perfect setting for a Tropical Paradise Princess wedding. This venue, originally a vast private residence now transformed into an exquisite event space, offers a Grand Ballroom that can accommodate up to 160 guests, making it ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger, regal celebrations. The estate boasts charming VIP spaces for getting ready, along with versatile outdoor areas for ceremonies and cocktails, each detail meticulously planned to ensure your wedding flows seamlessly from one moment to the next. 

  • Location: Winter Springs (Seminole County, Central Florida) 
  • Why Tropical Paradise Princesses Love It: The estate’s combination of southern elegance and the grand ballroom provides a luxurious yet intimate setting for a lavish, fairy-tale wedding. 
  • Why We Love It: We adore the Luxmore Grande Estate for its beautiful blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Its comprehensive facilities, including multiple getting ready rooms and a variety of spaces for each part of the celebration, make it not only convenient but truly captivating for an unforgettable wedding day. 


As we explored these stunning venues, each with its own unique charm and luxurious atmosphere, it’s clear that any one of them would be a dream setting for a Tropical Paradise Princess. From the lush, beach-inspired paradise of Paradise Cove to the elegant, historic allure of Luxmore Grande Estate, these venues encapsulate the essence of luxury, nature, and sophistication that a fairy-tale wedding demands. 

While each venue has its distinct personality, the truth is that any bride could find herself swept away by the enchantment of these Orlando and Central Florida locations. Whether it’s the waterfront magnificence of Tavares Pavilion on the Lake, the chic, exclusive feel of Villa Festa, or the island vibes of Margaritaville Orlando Resort, there’s a perfect backdrop for every Florida bride. 

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