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Our Top Ten Reasons Why Cookies Deserve a Special Place at Weddings

Cookies can be a wonderful addition to weddings for a variety of reasons. While wedding cakes have traditionally been the centerpiece for dessert at weddings, cookies offer a delightful alternative or complement to the main cake. Here are our top ten reasons why cookies are great for weddings:

1. Cookies are incredibly versatile

Cookie menus can be customized to match the wedding theme, pay homage to the season and even complement the venue. From “Traditional Sugar” and “Vanilla Bourbon Infused Chocolate Chip” to “Brown Butter Brûlée” and “Lavender with White Chocolate”, there are flavors and options to suit any wedding style.

2. Cookies can cater to a wide range of tastes

You can offer an assortment of flavors to cater to your guests’ preferences, ensuring that everyone finds something they enjoy. This diversity can be especially important if you have guests with dietary restrictions or allergies since you can offer gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free options.

3. Cookies can be personalized

No, we don’t mean royal icing monograms.  Cookies can be personalized in a truly unique way by infusing them with flavors that resonate with the couple’s journey.  From incorporating the rich nostalgia of childhood treats to capturing the essence of their favorite cocktails, our cookies are a delightful blend of memories and tastes.

4. Cookies are easy to serve

Cookies are easy to serve and can be presented in various ways. They can be displayed on dessert tables, served on trays to share family style at the table, or even packaged as wedding favors. This flexibility makes them suitable for both formal and more casual weddings.

5. Cookies are easy to eat

Cookies are the perfect indulgence at weddings, offering all of the sweetness with none of the hassle.   Your guests can effortlessly grab a cookie on the way to the dance floor or to meet up with friends at the next table. And even with a glass of bubbly in one hand, it’s still easy to grab a cookie with the other. No juggling tiny plastic cups and spoons or peeling off messy cupcake wrappers.  Cookies seamlessly fit into the celebration, allowing guests to enjoy the sweetness of the moment without any unnecessary fuss.

6. Cookies encourage guest interaction

The cookie dessert table at weddings is more than just a sweet station – it’s an immersive experience crafted to coax guests out of their seats, offering a tantalizing variety of artisanal delights. From the classic to the sophisticated to the whimsical, the cookie table becomes a hub of excitement, inviting guests to sample and savor. As attendees gather around, the delightful aroma of freshly baked cookies fills the air, sparking conversations and creating cherished moments.

7. Cookies never go to waste

Unlike large wedding cakes that often result in wasted leftovers, the beauty of the cookie dessert table lies in its practicality: no delectable creation goes to waste. Guests are encouraged to take extras with them, ensuring that every cookie finds a loving home. This thoughtful touch not only enhances your guests’ experience but also aligns perfectly with the spirit of celebration and generosity that weddings are all about. It transforms the cookie dessert table into a delightful memory guests can carry with them, sweetening the occasion even after the festivities have ended. 

8. Cookies create memorable experiences

Serving cookies at weddings goes beyond mere convenience; it creates a memorable experience for guests. Cookies have a unique ability to evoke nostalgia and warm memories for many people, reminding them of cherished moments shared with loved ones. This sense of comfort and familiarity not only adds to the overall ambiance of the event but also makes guests feel at home, enhancing the joyous atmosphere of the wedding celebration.

9. Cookies are the perfect after-event snack

Cookies serve a dual purpose as a delightful late-night snack, offering a burst of sweetness when energy levels dip after hours of dancing. As guests depart or return to the dance floor for one final dance, they can effortlessly grab a cookie. This late-night cookie tradition not only satisfies guests’ cravings but also leaves a lasting impression, making the wedding celebration even more memorable.

10. Cookies are the best way to say “thank you”

Lovingly packaged cookies make for charming thank you favors. By offering guests these delectable treats as wedding favors, couples provide a sweet reminder of the special day. This thoughtful gesture allows attendees to savor the delicious cookies at their leisure, extending the joy of the celebration beyond the wedding night and creating a lasting impression of the event.

Incorporating cookies into your wedding can be a creative and delightful choice that adds a touch of personality to your special day. Whether they’re the star of the dessert table or a sweet wedding favor, cookies are a crowd-pleaser that can leave a lasting and unique impression on your guests.

Which cookies would you choose for a special place at YOUR wedding? Whether you’re dreaming of a showstopping Wedding Dessert Table designed in the theme of your choice or heartfelt Thank You Favors to give your guests for the sweetest send-off, you’ll find the perfect cookies for your special day from over 100 mouthwatering varieties. Email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at (866) 7 COOKIE for our most up-to-date menu.

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